Discover how MeliBio's groundbreaking bee-free honey technology combines scientific innovation with a commitment to the environment, empowering a sustainable and thriving world for all.

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The Company

Embrace a Sweeter, Sustainable Future

MeliBio is dedicated to building a world where humans and bees thrive by leveraging innovative food science and technology. Learn more about our story, our team, and the powerful vision that guides us on this journey.

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Experience Mellody:
Plant-based Honey, Made without Bees

Mellody, our US-based product brand, is the first plant-based honey that tastes and performs just like the original - but better!

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Better Foodie

Europe's Choice for Plant-Based Honey

In partnership with Narayan Foods, MeliBio is proud to present Better Foodie, a joint venture offering innovative plant-based honey to European consumers. With our innovative plant-based honey and Narayan's network access to over 75,000 European stores, Better Foodie is set to revolutionize the European honey market.

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Ingredient Partner

Elevate Your Food Products Ethically & Sustainably

MeliBio provides a B2B solution for restaurants and food companies seeking to incorporate sustainable, plant-based honey into their food and beverage products.

Partner with us and help shape a more sustainable future.

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Making a Difference:
The Heart of MeliBio's Mission

Discover the powerful reasons behind MeliBio's mission to create bee-free honey and explore the positive impact we're making on bee populations and the environment. Our commitment to a thriving world for humans and bees alike drives everything we do.

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